Party Playground Records have been created 2020 in need of a label to support and push indie and small electronic artists to the next level. Desperately looking for labels that would cover all the needs of an upcoming artist, we couldn’t find all the requirements we felt that we needed in one place. Big and major labels liked our music but we were not famous enough, underground labels were fine but didn’t care about streaming, smaller ones did not care about beatport. Weird deals offerings and contracts that were sure to make one not see any real royalties, in case something works out, and charges for anything that most of the time would had been copy paste or doesn’t even happen made us desperate. Where should we publish our music, does the whole industry really work like this? Yes it works like that, but not for you. So we decided to create our small label and give our best to provide everything possible to the artist. We don’t care if you have already 1000 releases or 0. We take streaming and beatport serious. A fair cut is the basic for a good relationship! We are Bernd and Stoyan, Party Playground Records

Page is under construction, please be patient as we are focusing on the music 🙂